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Rob Wighton

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The ideal platform for Hockey Québec

" For Hockey Québec, Spordle offers the ideal integrated platform of technological solutions that covers the ever evolving needs of our federation. Our collaboration, which has been going strong for years, improved our practices across the province. »"

Paul Ménard

General Manager - Hockey Québec

A close relationship that leads to success

" Baseball Quebec undoubtedly represents the best structured province in Canada and this success stems in part from the close relationship we maintain with our key supplier and partner, Spordle. "

Maxime Lamarche

General Manager - Baseball Québec

A custom website

" By teaming up with a local partner with extensive knowledge and expertise of the sport, the Laval Rocket hockey club was able to distinguish itself thanks to a custom website suited to all of the team's needs. This collaboration improved customer experience for our fans in many areas, whether it be player statistics, news and videos, or to purchase their tickets. "

Benjamin Roy

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" SPORTSQUÉBEC is quite pleased with its partnership with Spordle, our official supplier of technological solutions. We can offer the best possible experience to our users while also becoming more efficient on two important fronts; the PROJEUX event management software and the Mes Premiers Jeux platform that’s used for participant affiliation and management. »"

Alain Deschamps

General Manager - SPORTSQUÉBEC

A launching pad for new technologies

" The Québec International Pee-wee Hockey Tournament has been teaming up with Spordle for over 10 years. This professional relationship is at the source of our success, since the tournament’s vision was always to innovate regarding new technologies. Spordle understands our needs and makes sure that their solutions contribute to a professional level experience for players and fans that come to Québec year after year at our international tournament. "

Patrick Dom

General manager - Québec International Pee-wee Hockey Tournament

Spordle is responsive and client focused

" Dragon Boat Canada has found Spordle to be responsive and client focused. Staff listen, and hear and then work collaboratively to come up with unique solutions to specific needs. As a National Sport Governing organization with diverse participation and requirements, we have been impressed with Spordle’s ability to be nimble and innovative. Ongoing development and improvement has resulted in DBC being excited to see what registration, scheduling and event solutions will come next! "

Chloe Greenhalgh

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7 million unique visitors

Spordle is the biggest network of amateur sports organizations with thousands of them reaching out to 7 million unique monthly visitors. You can follow up on your favorite sports organization’s news, schedules, standings and statistics all in one place.

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